Thursday, May 28, 2009

Having a wonderful time with our company.

Mark and Linda arrived yesterday after a long drive from down under in Ill.
We had dinner and then just sat around talking, eating popcorn and fudge. An unlikely combination but delicious.
Today, we took off for a little drive to Mineral Point. Sadly, many of the galleries have closed. Lots of little stores had signs about being open only on Friday, Saturday and maybe Sunday. I had the same feeling when we visited Galena. These times are difficult for artists, craft people and small business owners. The demand for "luxury items" such as art and frickfrack just aren't there.
We had lunch walked around some more. I did find some beautiful flowers to take pictures of, some great doors and windows so for me it was a great photo opportunity.
Linda and Mark brought their dog, Lucy. Well, Murphy is in seventh heaven. I mean she's four year's old, a red head with legs up to here...............
Remember, Murphy is a little dog, he's easily impressed.
Lucy is wonderful with Murphy. She allows him to chew on her ears, take her bones and she hasn't barked at him once.
Murphy will be sad to see her go. It's a good thing he has puppy day care tomorrow. She'll just be a memory when he gets home.
The top picture is an update on the Robin babies. It's getting a little crowded in that nest.

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  1. Bea, are those flowers all from your garden? They are lovely! Such beautiful colors. Oh, and would you look at those pretty baby birds. Yes, it's spring in Wisconsin!