Friday, May 22, 2009


Actually, it isn't until May 23rd but since I'm going to be very busy with the baby shower I thought I would post this now.
I can't remember if this was a postcard for Famous Zetti Holidays or Wackie Letterhead Holidays.
Someone wanted to see what some of my postcards looked like so here is one, TA DAAAAAAAAaa.
Like my ATC collection I have a ton of wonderful art postcards made by artie friends. It's fun to get art postcards. My mail delivery person used to love to see them. She once mentioned to me that my knee surgeries seemed to have put a halt to all the great artwork she got to deliver. lol
What ever you are doing this Memorial Day weekend I hope you are spending it with family, friends or your creative passion.
I'll be spending it with my DIL and granddaughter, daughter and her friends all surrounded in lots of PINK as we oooooooh and aaaaaaah over baby booties, nappies and Nuks.


  1. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Lucky you on the weekend. "Our" long weekend was the last one, but this weekend it's sunny so it feels more like it 'should' be 'the' weekend.

    I like seeing your stash of art cards!

    Have a fun one Bea and thanks for taking an interest in my first little painting. You actually helped me to get going on it yesterday!

  2. That is one wacky postcard! LOL! Too funny!

  3. That is so funny. Do you have the 'Fred' cartoon character in the USA? One of them shows Fred pouring over a collection of cornflakes. The 'bubble' says 'Fred was horrified to find a rice krispie amongst his cornflake collection'!! My kind of humour.