Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Gotta love them.

Pansy's are just the prettiest little flowers. They just are a tad bit too high maintenance for me. If you don't nip off their dead heads (that sounds rough, doesn it?) they just won't bloom again. At least that's what I've been told. But, I love there colors and just happy little faces.
I got home from a loooooooooooooong day at the hospital keeping my 8 month along, daughter, who was having a lot of pain, company. We think it might be a kidney stone. Even after being admitted at 1:00 am by 5:30pm when I left they still didn't know what was causing this terrible pain. BUT, the baby is absolutely fine.
Anywho, I got home to find a new Jan Beaney & Jean Littlejohn pamphlet in my mailbox. This one is one I didn't have and was on back order for me. It's Book #18, Seductive Surfaces. I absolutely love their series of books.
I swear I'm going to use that as workshops for myself one of these days and just work my way through Book 1 on up and do every technique they talk about.
The chapters in this booklet cover Building with Buttonhole, Interpreting with Stitches, Velvet Revisited and then some chapters about fabric manipulation by hand and machine.
I love how they draw inspiration for seductive surfaces from such sources as medieval architecture, distressed and peeling surfaces, natural forms, crystalline structures, foliage, rust and decay and museum artifacts.
Looking at something through a magnifying glass will often reveal the most unlikely things.
I've been adding to my photo folder on Textures in the hopes that some day soon I will start working on one of the pictures. I still really would love to do that beautiful bark photo that I showed you all some time ago.
I did buy some drapery rope to cover. The Goddess only knows where I put that to keep it safe. sigh............GET ORGANIZED BEA!!!!!!!
Yeah, I'll put that on my TO DO LIST.

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  1. I love your last comment Bea! I'm always putting things in 'a safe place' to be lost for months, even years! You can guarantee one thing, if I buy some more because I can't find it, whatever it is will turn up immediately!! That pamphlet sounds so interesting. I think working through it sounds a great idea (the book, that is). So much to do in life, isn't there?

    I love pansied too and only nip the heads of now and then, they go on flowering until they stop, naturally. I just think they look a bit messy with the dead heads on them but they they turn to pods and they look ok! Don't worry about it.