Thursday, May 21, 2009

Giant two legged continues to disturb nests.

I pulled this Wren's nest out of the Bluebird box, just to get a better look at it. It's always made with small twigs, and prickly little sticks. I like the fact that she found a white feather to put in the nesting area. Putting this kind of nest back into the box isn't that hard. I'm quite sure she doesn't have a design for the placement of all those twigs. I just shoved it back in the box and tucked in the twigs that were poking out.
Consider that my good deed for the day.
I don't particularly like Wrens. They have a nice little song and are protected by law but they can be vicious little things. I found a nest once where they had taken over the Bluebird nest by killing the female and building their twig style nest right on top of her and her eggs. Disgusting.


  1. Bea, I just love the blue shade of those Robin's eggs. What a neat nest that is too.

  2. I love wrens, we have loads around here and they're tiny. Are yours the same? Their nests are usually much smaller than the one you show here.