Sunday, May 17, 2009

Busy, Sunday.

The big boys are off to play golf this morning. I'm riding herd over the two little boys, old dog and Murphy. Louie is on bird watching detail.
Yesterday, with Justin's help we got the whole area under the side upped deck, cleaned out of brush and weeds. He helped find large boulders at the end of the woods and put them in the ground to act as a border for this area.
John covered the ground with fabric mesh and they dumped a LOT of bags of stone on top of the fabric ground cover. LOTS of bags.
At one point the little boys came outside carrying my special rocks from inside to add to the pile. I steered them back inside the house with them.
The whole area looks so much nicer now.
I think it's a good place to put the turtle sandbox. Nice an shady for the summer and no concerns if sand gets out of control and out of the box.
Right now, we are just leaving the are quiet. It was extremely stressful for the Phoebe yesterday. Her nest is located right up in the corner, under the deck, where they were working. She's back on the nest now and I hope feeling calmer.
Sawyer and Hunter are playing cars. My sofas and the surrounding area have become some sort of race track. Murphy is staying by my feet, under the computer table. The noises and running are a tad scary.
Have a great creative day! :)Bea

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  1. Oh what fun you are having!! I love the idea of your precious stones joining the huge pile! They were helping. What hard work you have been doing. Photos required... I'm glad the phoebe is back and not too fussed by the operations.