Monday, May 11, 2009

Being in the moment.

There is a commercial I just love. I think it's for an insurance company but I can't really remember which one. The commercial shows one person NOTICING something and reaching out and helping or fixing a problem.
A child drops a stuffed animal from it's carriage and someone sees it and picks it up. The mother, in turn, getting coffee notices that someone seated, at a table, has their coffee mug to close to the edge of the table and she gently pushes it away from the edge. Another person watching that little action does something for somebody else and it goes on and on.
While driving on the Dan Ryan Expressway, I watched my husband gently make a difference in this world. He would wave someone who wanted to get into our lane over. Our lane was barely moving as it was but he would extend this gesture to another driver.
I had plenty of time to reflect on his behavior as we inched along for almost two hours. Without a lot of talking about his spirituality my husband displays a profound reverence for humanity.
It might not seem like much but for that instance he holds that other driver in a state of significance. He has entered into their "dance of life" placed some significance on their need and graciously allowed it to happen.
I watched him do this a number of times and when a medium size truck pulled right in front of our car, forcing us to brake I was suddenly aware of how awful it felt to be dismissed like that. That driver had no regard for us, our car, our space in the universe.
My husbands actions depend on his degree of awareness, attitude and attention. They have to do with his perception of the degree of significance.
Watching and observing his behavior I am reminded of the shift we all need to make from our definition of subjective importance of self to objective reverence for all.
If we want to be creative we have to allow ourselves to play. Play does not have a structured outcome. It's to be in the moment. It's a fluid activity. Moving forward to the next moment. To see the world through a child's eyes is to experience, express and explore. A child doesn't care if the tea cups are empty at the tea party. They see beyond and pour the invisible tea. A child does not think about who she or he is but just does. A child doesn't have judgements or preconceived beliefs.
To dance we all have to be in the present moment. We have to acknowledge the other dancers. We have to exist with them in this space and time.
So watching my husband wave other drivers over into our lane I am aware that he is quite comfortable in his space. He has no need to be first or last but simply is. He acknowledges that other driver and their needs.
There is a chance that those drivers will do the same, that they will pay it forward when they are given a chance.
I need him in my life.
I'm one of the drivers, that if the left lane is closed up ahead and the cars have been given fair warning to move over into the right lane, will move my car over halfway into the left lane. He will ask me what I am doing and I tell him, "enough butting in line".
I suppose that's the mother in me.
Dance all you want but if you are going to be bumping into the other dancers then you need a quiet time.

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  1. OK - you better watch your dog, because I just may have to try and steal him/her. TOO CUTE. Sorry Bea, I'm not inclined to read blogs, I just like to look at the photographs and I'm always drawn to yours. I also don't have your email or I would have written to thank you for being so kind to leave me comments.