Saturday, April 04, 2009

What's new in the studio.

Top picture is the finished blocks for the snuggle quilt I am making. I had finished all the blocks early this morning, took a picture of them and when I looked at the picture on the computer I just didn't like two of the colors I had in the blocks. So, I took three blocks out and redid them. I'm much happier with the final result.
I haven't sewn them together because I'm debating about putting a strip down the center between the two rows of blocks. I was thinking of small green squares with one of the colors I used in the center.
So, while I was mulling about this I played around with some cute little 4 1/2" squares of black and white. I just laid them on the bright background fabric so they would stand out and you could see them.
I have a black and white panel that I've wanted to surround with blocks. I want it to have a scrappy look. As I started to work on these blocks I got to thinking that I might put a block of red fabric in with the black and white to pop it a little more. Although, I was staring at a gorgeous hunk of yellow fabric while I was thinking red. Then I thought, ok, I could do a little red, a little yellow and this while my eyes had moved to a gorgeous piece of jewel tone blue. Hmmmmmmm, you see I really am a fabric slut.
We are getting a storm tomorrow. You could see the clouds starting to move in from the West in this sunset picture. I think I heard something about a possibility of 2-4 inches of snow. sigh.................
I think Mother Nature is doing some Spring Cleaning up there. I hope she's done soon. I am soooooooooooo ready for warmer weather.

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