Saturday, April 04, 2009

We do have some beautiful barns.

I like to take pictures of old run down barns. I didn't want any of my readers to think that's what you see a lot of in Wisconsin. There are still a number of working farms and well kept out building in and around where I live. I just happen to like to capture the older neglected ones on film.


  1. I love the barns also. It is fun to see the regional barns. Each area has such different onea.

  2. There is a great book called, Barns of Wisconsin,written by a local man. He drove around the state taking pictures of all kinds of barns, round ones, German, Polish, Norwegian and Dutch. There is even a barn, still standing, one of two in the country, I think,
    that was common in Europe,where the family lived above the animals. They have made his book into a PBS show. Fun to watch if you ever get a chance to see it.