Saturday, April 25, 2009

Very satisfying it is.

I have to say when it rains the day after you've worked hard in your yard or garden it's very satisfying. We had thunderstorms all night long and well into this morning.
The grass has gone from a pale anemic looking yellow green to that beautiful spring green and now quickly moving into that deeper rich green.
There are some colors that I never really appreciated when I was younger, green being one of them. The fall browns and grays another set of colors that did nothing for me.
Now, I find them beautiful in their own way.
I CAN SEE GREEN on my willow tree!!!!!
Yes, that is cause for excitement. I've been waiting and waiting for it to finally show signs of life.
This morning we had coffee at the little French bakery. It was quite crowded. A rainy day and everybody needs something good to eat and strong coffee to drink.
As we were approaching the parking spaces an older gentleman was backing out. Very, very, let's see how many very's could I add before you would click away? Let's just say he wasn't moving at warp speed. In fact, when he finally managed to get his car headed in the right direction and very slowly crawled past us his hands were gripping the wheel, his eyes straight ahead and I swear he looked like he had turned to stone. Right behind him was an older woman, in her own car, following him.
I wonder..................did he announce that this morning he was driving his car for coffee. Did his wife just look at him and say,"Fine, but I'm driving my car."
Did he even know she was behind him, anxious about his driving skills.
We pulled into the space. If it had been just me I would have turned the car around and followed the two cars just to see how far away they lived, were they in fact a couple...........well, I'm just nosier, I guess. lol

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