Friday, April 17, 2009

Tea break

Ok, time for a tea break. The other day when I was in Pier One I saw this wonderful box of teas from the UK. What caught my attention was this Russian Caravan tea. I found some of this years ago and have had trouble finding it again. I really, really like this tea. So, I treated myself to the box of assorted teas. My plan and I always seem to have plans, is to cut back on my intake of Diet Coke and substitute tea.
I know, I could have just found some wonderful tea at the health food store but I have to admit that I love the packaging of this assortment. I love the box that they came in, it's sturdy and has a clear plastic front, like glass which is going to be perfect to reuse for something else along the lines of mixed media with found objects!
I love the little individual boxes. They are colorful and pretty, shrug.........what more can I say. I don't wear jewelry or furs and my clothes are pretty old soooooooooo I justify this I want just because it was pretty and tastes good. They are Whittard teas from around the world. I'm so easily impressed.
Next, if you are working in the book The Artist's Way and some people are who are following Suziblu I have a suggestion about writing the morning pages.
I've had this book for years and I haven't done morning pages as such for years BUT I do call them Day Pages and it's the same principle. I do them when I can and don't beat myself up if it isn't the first thing in the morning. That just doesn't always work for me. The other thing is that I often freeze when I stare at a blank piece of paper. So, even though there is a world of good about actual writing and penmanship I will use the computer and type them. I type faster than I write and sometimes the fingers are just stiff and don't want to cooperate.
Also, I keep a little jar filled with words that I just took out of the dictionary. I flipped back and forth in the book, put my finger somewhere on the page and wrote down the word. When I'm having a mental freeze and the stream of consciousness is dried up I pick out a word and just mull on that. I allow myself to wander away from the word if that's where my mind wants to go. It's just a way to jump start my brain.
And, last another shadow picture for my collection. Of course, this is Murphy but I really liked how it came out.
I've finished my tea, said what I remembered I wanted to say and now it's time for some lunch. Cottage cheese with fresh pineapple, can you say yummmmmm? A girl has to do what a girl has to do to keep this traditional woman's figure in check.


  1. What fun those little packets of tea are. Was the Russian Caravan tea as good as you remembered? I love tea, but I like it quite weak, so Earl Grey is one I took to. Or any ordinary tea as long as it's weak!

    Cottage cheese and pineapple. Hmm, not yummm to me I'm afraid. I try and eat it when I'm on a diet but it usually ends up going off in the fridge!! Give me cheddar any day.

  2. Well, it wasn't as strong as I remembered it. It was still good. I had the cottage cheese and the chunks of fresh pineapple and a piece of sharp cheddar and then that lead to a cracker and then that lead to a piece of salami with the cheese and somehow that lead to a cookie........I'm not sure how my mind works these days. But, lunch was good and waaaaaaaaaaaaaay over my calorie limit. :(