Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Spaceship? House on Fire?

Actually, it's just the sun reflecting off the windows of the condos up on the hill. I thought it was pretty neat.
The headline in the morning fish wrapper was about coyotes killing and making off with a small dog. It happened not to far away from here. Just one town over. That's probably the same pack of coyotes that roam around out here.
I'm just super aware that Murphy is only 12 pounds and to a Red Tailed Hawk or predator he looks like an over sized rabbit. When Murphy is outside he's with me, on the leash. Even Sam, a 90 pound German Shepherd knew to go out at night, do his business and get back in the house as fast as he could.
There is talk of hiring a sharp shooter to take out the pack of coyotes.
I don't know. It seems when ever we get the bright idea to "thin" something or replace something we muck it up.
Yellowstone National Park is an example of that. They are still trying to get the land and animal population back in balance.
PS. I got mentioned in VBCreates Blog. Thanks Donna! What a sweet thing to do.

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