Monday, April 27, 2009

Part Two: Recycled Circles

When it came time to actually cut the 12" square into quarters I turned the piece upside down and turned it around a few times. That way I didn't feel badly about cutting through something my mind thought was pretty.

I worked on each quarter individually. I stitched fabric and paper half-C shapes in concentric circles.

I stayed with one color thread an aqua/turquoise color.

I used different embroidery stitches on my machine to attached both the paper and fabric half-Cs.

At this point I can add anything more that I want, buttons, beads, threads, yarn, etc. I could even do some stamping over the circles if I wanted.

In the article she tapes the four quarters together, on the back sides and stitches them all together. The half-Cs don't match up and that's the point.

I have to say there is something about her example that I don't care for.

So, I'm debating about actually putting mine all together.

I'm thinking that they might look really neat in a mat separated. Then watercolor the mat, maybe glue some fabric circles or stamp some circles to the mat. Something that ties them all together but let's each quarter be an individual.

I know it was suggested, in our Art Quilt group that we do the challenge and then swap out quarters. That's not going to work for me. That just means I have four quarters that may be cool looking but don't go with each other.

I think if this is finished, matted and framed it will be an interesting piece of mixed media artwork. Maybe a nice housewarming present?

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  1. Now this is the last time I checked your blog, how hopeless of me. I love what you've donw with those circles and re-cycling is 'big' with me. My raggy bags are all made from old clothes I've acquired, plus anything else I can lay my hands on!