Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh, it's sooooooo nice outside!

I think it's still in the high 50's but the sun is out and the sky is blue and Murphy and I have been in and out all day, working in the yard. You can see the blackened areas of the small prairie patches that were burned last weekend during a controlled burn. The rest of the yard on the other side is the bigger patch of prairie that was burned.
We are supposed to have rain this weekend and that's all it's going to take to green up those areas. Tomorrow, I get to walk around in the ashes and cut down the sumac and walnut trees that have started to sprout up there. I think I'll keep Murphy inside for that. He's already had one bath today.
I've been clearing out the established garden beds around the house and out by Helga, the garden statue girl.
It's a good day for burning brush, no wind.
It's been a little tricky trying to work with Murphy outside. He gets distracted easily and doesn't always listen when I ask him to come. If he gets a thistle burr on himself he just collapses. It's so pitiful to watch. I have to carry him inside and brush it out. They are nasty and they do hurt but he is such a baby about it.
I'll be glad when I've gotten almost all of them out of the yard or where he wanders.
I'm tired and sore. I have to ease back into gardening. My gardening muscles seem a little tight. :)
I was looking at an art book and I just get so frustrated when an artist describes a process and uses words or techniques without any explanations.
For example, "rough handmade paper decorated with toning painted Bondaweb (Wonder Under)".
So what the heck is "toning" is that another word for inked? painted? tea stained" Or is she really suggesting I pour toner on it?


  1. Ooh your yard looks so pretty. How lucky for you to have so much space. I have been debating whether or not I should buy a farm or not. When I see your pictures they say Yes! go for it.

  2. We moved from Madison and an 100 year old house that we had completely remodeled to building what we really wanted out in the country. We have five acres and some of it is woods. I love it here. We stayed in town because of the kids but if I had it to do over I would have moved out here sooner. I absolutely love nature, the privacy and I'm a 10 minute drive from downtown Verona, if I need anything.
    I say do it. If you have your health and can do the upkeep then follow your dreams. :)Bea

  3. Your 'garden' as we would call it is wonderful. I always ache after my endeavours, as I do now!! It's a bit non stop with our 5 acres, a lot of which was rough land. Keep at it! Poor little puppy! Buster has quite course, short hair so he doesn't get things stuck in it luckily. He does get the odd tic though.

  4. I think that one picture you posted of Buster asleep on your hubby's lap a riot. What's Buster weigh? About 60 pounds? lololsnort
    Well, he looked comfortable. :)Bea