Monday, April 06, 2009

New Baby Quilt for Children's Hospital

This is based on the cutting measurements of Yellow Brick Road pattern.
The blocks are 9" finished and it's four blocks across and four down. I don't know if it's any faster or easier than the other designs I did for quilts for the little ones at Children's Hospital.
I do know I had fun doing this one. I did all the cutting of the colors I wanted to use and then just laid out all the pieces on the design board before I sewed the blocks together.
I wanted to have a little more control over which fabric were placed where and I wanted all the directional fabric pieces to be going the right way.
I did use the back side and right side of one color because it added a another fabric to the group.


  1. Bea this is great, I am sure you realize how much this is appreciated by the parents and the hospital. I really like the yellow brick road theme.

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth. I like to think of it bringing a smile to somebody's face during a very difficult time. :)Bea