Sunday, April 26, 2009

Recycled Circles - Mixed Media

I'm working on a challenge for my Art Quilt group. It's from the most recent issue of Cloth, Paper and Scissors, March/April 2009, Issue 23. The article Recycled Circles written by Jane Afazio is from a six week class that she had been teaching.
This particular project combines paper and cloth.
We are taking a 12"piece of watercolor 140lb. weight. You can paint the first layer or collage it, whatever you want to do. I used liquid water colors in a random pattern over the surface of the square.
After that was dried I applied nine 3 1/2" squares of fabric. I used black and white fabric. You apply them with gel medium and space them so you can see some of the background from the first layer.
Then you lay down different size fabric circles. I used scrap muslin. I didn't mind if the circle went off the piece of paper.
You then paint the surface with gesso. Now, I used a paper towel because I wanted a uneven slightly scrubbed look. You are putting the gesso around the edges of the circles and using the circles themselves as a resist.
After applying the gesso I then took a wet sponge and put a drop of Aqua acrylic paint on the sponge and dabbed it over the entire square. I did the same thing again using deep red.
I removed the circles, put them away to dry for another project someday.
I covered the piece with wax paper and put some heavy books on top to keep the paper from curling.
This is the first half of the project. Easy, fun and when it dries on to the cutting up of the square, adding fabric and paper circles and sewing it all down.
I'll post pictures as it moves along.

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  1. Oh what fun you've had. I think I might try that, I have all the materials necessary. it looks great so far, I await part 2 with interest!!