Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just love that new birth, in Spring!

In Fall I go out and cut branches from bushes and evergreens to stick in the now empty flower pots on the front deck. Once the soil is frozen in the pots the display isn't going anywhere and I have to wait until the warmer weather comes to pull out this stuff and toss it.
I must have gotten the branches in at just the right time last Fall because I went out to empty the pots this morning and found the branches have buds on them!
I took some pictures to show you. This is the camera that I've had "fixed" twice now. It just isn't taking good close up pictures anymore. Every time they send it off it comes back with a note telling me that they have replaced the lens. It takes four time of sending it back to be fixed before Best Buy will just hand me a new camera. I guess I better take it over and have them send it back. This just isn't doing it for me.
So, if you squint and peer you can see the new little buds on the branches.
If I remember I cut from a volunteer wild Plum, High bush Cranberry and a Variegated Red Twig Dogwood. Wouldn't it be fun if they actually took root in the yard and grew?
I've tried this before and most of the time they just don't make it. Maybe third times the charm, you think?

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  1. This really made me laugh Bea. We used red dogwood for sticks once and they ALL grew!! Then we also used sticks from an old flowering plum and they all grew too, so yours could well do the same. I stick bits of willow in and lots of other things, 'just to see'. Some of them grow, some don't but nothing ventured, nothing gained!