Sunday, April 05, 2009

Just a dusting but still...........

Ok, they said 4-7" but we seemed to have lucked out on this snowstorm. It seems to be melting too. You can see there is a little color to the grass but still we seem to be a long way from Spring. Although, I bet if we get some really nice days everything will just burst into bud.


  1. Hi Bea,
    Thanks for your comment. I'm just about finished my course - it's been enjoyable, but I think with spring around the corner, I'll be happy to not 'have to' have a deadline each week. Time to get outside and shed some extra weight!
    We are having a little ATC swap at The Recollection Parlor. The subject is "Byron". If you're interested, let me know. Two ATC's, the deadline is Apr 30. You send two to me and get two back. There are 6 of us (core group) participating. There is a quick exercise also to do to join the group. You could send it along with the ATC's.


  2. Forgot to mention - take a look at if you want to 'see' Byron.

    Looks like you are about par with how the weather is here - although it should be 15 C today. Hurray!