Thursday, April 30, 2009

In Need of Color

I am so in need of some color that I pulled this beautiful flower shot from my garden pictures from last year. I just wanted to see something bright and colorful up there. It's the last of April and it's a day full of showers.
There isn't a peep of yellow on the lawn. All those dandelions have closed up their flower heads. Tomorrow, I cut the grass for the first time. Right now it looks like beautiful green velvet. The burned areas are covered with new grass and plants. It will be interesting to see what new prairie flowers emerge.
I ordered a package of Lesley Riley's TAP artist paper. It's an iron-on transfer paper. Apparently once the image is transferred it is fused into the fiber of the fabric and becomes part of the material. You can iron on it, paint on it, or even wash it. The neat thing is that you can transfer onto a sheer fabric such as organza or scrim. It will be fun to experiment with it.
I was thinking I might like to use this for some of the photos of women ancestors I am putting into that Baby shrine for Mary.
Mary dropped of a picture of her boyfriend's mother. She died quite young. It's a beautiful picture and I'm going to include her with the women of this shrine.
But, that's all in the future, right now I'm still picking up, putting away and cleaning for the party on Saturday. It looks like the sun with be out and 60 degrees, at least, so I'm hoping that everybody wants to spend more time outside than inside.


  1. Bea, I love those little purple flowers. Or are they blue? Very pretty. I know what you mean about a shot of color. Can't wait to see what pops up in your garden!
    I seem to be spending more time out than in due to the blooms which bring about pruning and de-heading. Ooo, that sounds bad, huh? LOL!

  2. Those clematis are such a wonderful and cheerful colour. Ours are just starting to grow after their long sleep! they're not doing very well here, to be honest. Probably too wet for them.
    That paper sounds terrific. I haven't tried putting images on fabric yet. Presumably you just scan the image first, then print it on fabric?