Saturday, April 18, 2009

If you can send a would help so much.

I know Bernie. I know what she has been doing for animals for years. I know that when she made this move with her husband she had no idea she would still be doing this work for animals. It's her calling and GOD BLESS her for doing it. It is so hard. I can't imagine dealing with all these poor animals.
I know it's tough for all of us. If there is some way you can put a couple of bucks in an envelope and mail it off to her .......her link is over there on my blog list, A Place To Bark. Just taking in 11 litters of puppies from a puppy mill that was closed down has run up a bill nearly $1000.00. Remember, these dogs need housing, medical attention, food, care and the list goes on.
It breaks my heart but I'll do what I can because I applaud her and Jeff for doing this.
Here's her latest video:

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