Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I love this old gate.

I probably didn't pay attention to old barns or old gates or old anything until I hit 60. Now, these things have taken on a sense of history for me.
There are stories in these old buildings and fence gates. I love the way this one has been propped open with an old cinder block. That block has been there for years. There used to be an old one room little house near this gate. That collapsed on itself years ago. I wish now that I had had an interest in it and had taken some photographs. Especially, the day I drove by and saw a cow, inside the house, sticking it's head out one of the windows.
PS I'm now on Twitter. I wanted to see what Traci B. was up to on her daily art techniques experiments. I'm listed as Beazers and I don't know if this gets you there or not. http://twitter.com/home


  1. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Thanks for taking pictures of these, before they disappear from view.


  2. My pleasure. Thanks for stopping by. :)Bea