Friday, April 24, 2009

I am soooooo tired and so sore.

I just wanted to touch base with my readers. I've been working in the garden all day. Our second warm day and there was so much to do and I overdooooooooed as my grandson says.
Anyway, I got a comment from my granddaughter on the blog that I dedicated directly to her.
It cracked me up so here it is for you to see:

Hayden said...
I think you should leave more fabric and watch, put a webcamera, and see if you can get a picture of whatever is doing this.Also, i am in a play again. i am playing the part of wilbur the pig in charlotte's web. i get to sing a solo too. hope you are happy, love, hayden

Hayden will be nine in June. I love her matter of fact approach to this problem. I also love the image in my mind of her playing Wilbur the Pig and singing, too.

It just cracks me up and makes me smile. Both of which I needed because I am soooooooooo sore. Did I mention that? The garden is shaping up. I'll be ready to plant soon. Not real soon but soon enough.


  1. Oh Bea, I KNOW exactly what you're going through cause I went through it last weekend. It took me about a good 4 days to finally heal. I hope to get back out in the garden this weekend to finish tidying up. Let's see what the body says after I'm done. I wonder if it'll be used to "yard work" once again. LOL!