Friday, April 17, 2009

He could be in BIG trouble!

This morning I noticed that John had his day planner from work, open to the first week in June. I also noticed that on June 3rd he had drawn a line through the entire afternoon and written in PLAYING GOLF.
I mentioned this to him and he smiled and said he was playing in a golf tournament. I asked him if that was all he was doing that day.
ah.......................hmmmmmmmmmmm. You could practically see the thinking steam coming out of his ears. OOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooh it's our anniversary, isn't it?
Now, this isn't one of those in between anniversaries, this is the BIG 40.
I swear when I suggested that he might want to give it some thought since through the ages his gifts have been..........well...........different.
He looked so hurt when he said, "BUT, BUT, you didn't like the new tractor seat I got for YOUR lawn tractor?"
Yes, I love it. My bum loves it. But, the bar is up a little higher for the BIG 40.
I was sitting in my comfy chair, this evening, watching TV with the dog on my lap and a cat on my shoulder when he says, " Come on and I'll take you out for ice cream." On the way to the car I told him that this DID NOT count as an advanced anniversary present. His shoulders slumped.
Honestly, I am soooooooo easy to buy for. What am I getting for him?
heh probably bake him some cookies. Hey, I could make sure there are 40 of them.


  1. Oh the big 40! LOL! I was just mentioning to my hubby that our big 30 is this year! He looked at me and couldn't believe it. When I told him we HAD to do something special, he couldn't believe that either. LOL!!!
    Well congratulations! Do you know we are a RARE bunch? Many don't make it to their 5th anniversary these days.
    Oh, and cute pic of you two. That is the both of you, right?

  2. Way to go! Yes, it's hard to find couples that have lasted as long as us. It takes a lot of compromise and I'm not sure kids these days are willing to do that.
    It helps to marry someone that is a GOOD BEST friend too. Someone that you can laugh with and share some things with. But, it's important to have your own interests and life, to a certain degree, don't you think? :)Bea

  3. Bea, you hit the nail on the head. The key to forever happiness is to be able to laugh with each other and sometimes "AT" each other in a fun way. It's really important to have your own interests too, like hobbies and NOT expect the other one to get involved. I'm sure that can be fun but we've managed to be fine with it. No biggie that he doesn't share my love of stamping or painting backgrounds. I sure don't want to get into restoring an old VW. LOL! We did spend time in the garden yeserday and that was pleasant but if he hadn't, I sure wouldn't have filed for divorce. LOL!

  4. My parents had a twenty year relationship that really was all about just them. They did everything together. Heck, they even managed to co-exist in an efficency apartment for years. But, now that my step-father is gone my mother is so lonely. She doesn't know what to do without having somebody constantly at her side, joined at the hip.
    She finally moved into a "friendship apartment" in the assisted living because she felt better with a roommate around.

  5. So, Linda, when is your big 30 anniversary? Where did you meet?