Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

I'm pretty sure today is Earth Day. Well, it is for me because I'm out in the garden working with turning over the earth in the garden beds. I've got the four big ones in the front done and all the weeds that thought they were going to grow in there pulled out. There is still a LOT of work to be done but you know this year with my knees feeling so great I am really enjoying myself out there.
I still don't have a garden gate so I had to leave Murphy inside the house.
I did open the windows to the back guest bedrooms and immediately Louie took possession of the one that is facing the garden.
I could see Murphy trying to get close to the window but Louie kept smacking him on the head and hissing. Louie doesn't always share well.
There is a bed next to that window so there is room for both of them to sit on the bed and look out. Apparently, Louie doesn't think so.
I was digging with a spade when I remember this great claw like garden tool I bought a couple of years ago. I found it in the barn and boy, with the soil so moist from the recent rain that thing just tilled it up beautifully. Much easier than digging with the spade.
It's still only in the 60s with a light wind from the north but in the sun it's just perfect working weather.
I had to give Murphy a bath last night after he got home from puppy day care. Apparently, with the rain and mud and all his buddies rolling all around with him he had a certain "air" about him and his fur was all crispy!
He looks so nice and clean now. There was no way he was sleeping with me smelling like he did.
I hope you have a wonderful day. If you can't plant just go out and enjoy the earth. She's a beautiful planet. :)


  1. Is that next this years? does it have an owner? I love the white stems of that tree. It's gorgeous against the blue sky.

    Isn't it satisfying when the ground breaks up so easily after rain? Ours gets very soggy and boggy so we have to wait for it to dry a bit before tackling any work on it. I laughed at your cats fighting. And the smelly dog. Buster had something disgusting on his ears recently and I had to wash them. They still smell a bit but are much improved. He's so strong he's very hard to bath now.

  2. John put a new doorhole on the Bluebird's nesting box today. I hope Mrs. B doesn't think it's a tight fit. He made the hole 1 1/2"
    in dia. But, if she's like me she might need a little extra wiggle room. lol :)Bea

  3. It is a beautiful earth. Sounds like you are doing your part to make it a better place.! Love the nest photo.