Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fabric Journal cover

Linda had asked to see one of the fabric scrap journal covers I had made.
The cover in on the left and the right is the back. I simply sewed these together down the one side. I didn't take a picture of the inside but there is a little flap so that you can slide a sketch book into the front and back.
I think it was a 9"x6" size sketch book. Pretty standard size.
When I did the sewing of the front and back together I used hand stitching and a loose crisscross stitch because the sketch book has a spiral binding.


  1. Bea, thanks for posting your journal covers! They are socool! I love the alphabet fabric! Was that purchased back in your "Letterhead" days? Just wondering. Please show the insides! I'm a visual person and am trying to imagine how it all comes together. You did explain it well, it's just me. Ugh!

  2. LOL I love any fabric that has printing on it and letters. Being a Letterhead fit right into my likes. :)
    I think waaaaaaaay back in my blog I post directions for making a journal. I'll go check it out and let you know. :)Bea