Monday, April 27, 2009


The Kentucky Derby Day Annual party is this Saturday, at our house. Heck, it's always at our house. First real party of the season. It kicks off Spring and Summer around here.
If the weather is warm, which I doubt, everybody will be outside, which is really nice. But, the last couple of years it's been cool enough that the downstairs has been full of party people. That being the case it was time to clean up my desk and computer area.
I didn't take a before picture. It's just waaaaaaaaaaay to embarrassing. I tend to make stacks of books and papers. I know what's what but to anyone else it's a mess.
So, here is the cleaned up version. If it can stay that way through Saturday it would be wonderful.
You can see my "blotter" is that desk plastic with lots of pictures of family and friends under it. I love seeing that so it's nice that the desk is finally cleared. OK, I HEAR THAT SNICKERING! It's not cleared but it's neaten up. ok?
By the way the walls are white not pink. That's either a blogger problem or the lighting effect.
The wall hanging is MUSIC MAKES MY HEART SING. done a couple of years back. It's in a shady spot but still one of the blacks has started to fade. :(
The small pictures on the wall to the left of the wall hanging are my Letterhead Number series postcards, one through five.


  1. Heh! I think we have the same printer...C5100?

    Does the trick but I liked my old HP better - it would crank though any thickness/type of paper.

    What a cozy spot you have!

  2. Just replaced my old HP with this one C6280. The guy said the individual inks give a better print out for me for printing on fabric.
    Haven't tried it out yet on fabric. :)Bea

  3. Hi Bea! Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment. You mean BT right? She is very cool, my favorite gardener. I love your recycled circles! I also love your state. My husband grew up not far from Wisconsin (northern Illinois). We went camping in the Northwoods. What a lovely state you live in.

  4. I came out here in 1969 not thinking I would be staying. Still here after all these years! :)
    Join me on Facebook, Gina (BT) is there. She's quite the night owl, isn't she?
    Send me an email and I'll send you an invite.

  5. Ooooh, I''m being talked about!! All the best people are on FB!! I am indeed the night owl but I'm so ashamed to say today I woke up at 2pm!! That's what comes of too many late nights. Eventually my body just says 'sleeeeeeep', and I do! Being deaf, I don't hear anything. Poor dog must have been cross legged!
    A party a party, I wish I could come. Excellent clean desk, I've just done mine and it's a mess again already!