Thursday, April 02, 2009

Come on spring!

No, my camera wasn't tilted. I think it's sad to see some of these beautiful old barns just slide into disrepair. I suspect that this barn is just folding up and calling it a day.

It's still gray around here. Gray and brown with just a hint of green grass on some lawns. I looked for any signs of daffodils up in the woods but nothing yet. It's about this time of the year that I get very impatient for Spring to finally arrive. For days to be warmer than 48 degrees. It will come. sigh......

I took a drive over to Mill House in Wanakee this morning.

The new owner has moved things around quite a bit and so it was like being in a new store, trying to find my favorite fabrics. I did find some nice fat quarters to add to my collection.

I took my fabric copy, of Max's drawing, to the printer's to have a color copy made. I may do something with that too. I think it's always a good idea to have color copies AND black and white copies of my drawings, paintings, fabric works, etc. Journal pages can be reused as background pages if you photo copy them in color and in black and white. They can even be cut up and used in another piece of art work.

I did spent some time drooling over a book by Rami Kim called Quilted Elegance. She has some absolutely gorgeous suggestions and uses for some basis quilting techniques to use in clothing construction. Just the cover alone made me sigh.
I look at those beautiful jackets and vests and think how wonderful it would be to make them and wear them but then reality sets in and it seems like a lot of work to make something like that to just hang in my closet.
I just don't go anywhere, these days, that I would wear something that beautiful. Running errands doesn't require a jacket like that!
And, unfortunately, I'm messy. This morning on my way to get my hair trimmed I was drinking some orange juice, from Mc'Ds. I didn't realize that there was a hairline crack in the bottom of the plastic cup. So, I arrived at the hair salon with orange juice dribbling down the front of my jacket.
I wiped off the orange juice the best that I could with some tissues but then had little bits of tissue stuff to my jacket.
I'm not even sure you can dress me up anymore and take me anywhere.
Lucky for me my stylist doesn't care about my jacket. She's just happy to see me and do something about my hair. She doesn't like it when I let it go to long. Apparently, it doesn't reflect well on her skills.

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