Monday, April 20, 2009

April 20th already!

This morning I looked out the kitchen windows and saw five Northern Flickers feeding on the ground. After the good rain we had yesterday and last night there must have been some ants or beetles that they were eating.
I found this new hole in the dead tree in the upper woods. I wonder if it was a Flicker trying it out for a nesting spot? I've been listening but I haven't heard it's "wacka-wacka" call.
The Chipping Sparrows have arrived and were gathered at the last remaining feeder. They like to make their nests in low shrubs and when Sam was alive I would often put his dog fur, that I combed out of him, out on a bush for the Chippies to use in their nests. Murphy doesn't have fur he has hair and no undercoat so I can't really put anything out for them this year. I wonder if they would use cat hair. Now, THAT I have plenty of still.
You can see, from the picture of the farm across the street that there is a hue on the trees. That's all those new little buds just waiting to pop open.
My Lilacs are just about ready to leaf open.
I find that this year I am watching everything far more closely than I have in the past. I'm not sure if it is a result of my new Twenty Summers philosophy or the recent exercises of looking at things through a child's eyes.
Whatever it is, I am enjoying really looking at what is around me. REALLY enjoying it. :)
There's a picture of the last puzzle for the winter season. This one, I have to say gave me fits. WAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to many look alike Plum trees. It does become very meditative just fitting in pieces until one actually slips into the spot.
I still like the finished puzzles. The art work is done by Charles Wysocki and I thoroughly enjoy the scenes and the colors.
We have to stop now because with May just around the corner and the summer activities and guests dropping by we need to keep our puzzle table free for other things.
John has been working on the counter top for the little mini kitchen downstairs. He found some beautiful natural stone small tiles that look great. I'll post a picture later. He's deciding on what color grout he wants to use. I love the sink and faucet that he picked out. It's going to be a wonderful little space for company to fix themselves something to eat and for the summer grilling outside.


  1. We seem to share many things in common. I saw the 'first' Northern Flickers on Monday (before the snow and when it was 26 C above! I wonder where they are this morning?
    We have the little chipping sparrows all year round and their favorite past time is to perch themselves on the sideview mirror of my car or at the front window and play with their reflections. Years and years ago, we had a neighbour who used to put out embroidery threads for ...I think orioles. She chose very bright colors and one of the most amazing things I've ever seen was the nest they made with it. I would pay hundreds to have it. It was a piece of art to be sure. Most of the time what the birds seem to enjoy 'borrowing' is the coconut fibre liners for hanging outdoor plants.
    This year, I'm worried. We had nightly visits for at least a week (or for 5 cups of black sunflower seeds) by a raccoon. I was enjoying his visits and actually snapped a few photos, but my better half then told me what they are capable of when it comes to eggs and birds, etc. Not to mention the threat of the raccoon eating my Yorkie for supper....I think that must have been an exaggeration. We have had a large hawk swoop down within inches of her before....he changed his mind at the last second.
    OK - I'm blathering on and on.
    My lilac tree was almost set to pop too until this snow. Oi vai.
    I guess it is beautiful - but I was really in spring mode.

  2. Blathering is always good. lololsnort I do it a lot. The rain has passed on through and now the sun is shining. Tomorrow, up to 80 degrees. Of course, next week it drops back down to the 50s. Got to love Spring.
    I have a bag of dryer lint I'm going to put out for the birds tomorrow. I used to have lots of dog fur, but Murphy has hair not fur so no undercoat.
    I think a racoon got our robin's nest last year. She made it very close to the ground. This year I'm making John put up a shelf for her higher up on the side of the house. Give those babies a fighting chance. Thanks so much for stopping by. :)Bea

  3. What a wonderful puzzle. When I visited my sister in Australia last Feb/March, we did lots of puzzles and I rather think they may have been by the same person. They each had lots of things in them beginning with a certain letter of the alphabet. I think cat hair would do just as well for the birds. All soft and warm.