Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Beautiful sky last night. We had storm clouds moving in from the west and a lot of wind. The heavy duty chime that we bought out in New Mexico has been ringing all night and day. It sounds like a buoy, out on the water, that we used to hear, when we were up in Maine.
I've been working on a project today that started out in one direction and ended up in entirely another direction. I was making a paper quilt that was woven with paper strips, where sashing would normally be. I have to replace my needle so this seemed like a good time to sew on paper.
Everything was going fine until, as clear as day, my project seemed to say to me that it had no intention of being a paper quilt, not even a small wall hanging paper quilt. It wanted to be something else.
As soon as I retrieve my camera from the car and hike upstairs I'll take a picture of what it ended up being.
I just love this whole process. :)Bea

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