Sunday, March 01, 2009

Through a child's eye - Week One March Challenge

"A simple trip...on an airplane gives us a vision of the world that our imagination could not have revealed otherwise. Once we return to our modest existence as pedestrians, we will remember...the splendor of the sun as well as a perception of unlimited space in which for a moment we felt ourselves to be free."

Henri Matisse

This week I would challenge you to look at your day like a child. If you have a child or can borrow a child for this exercise, do but please don't snatch one off the street. Ask the child to walk from the front door of your home to the back of your house or studio and just WATCH the child. Watch what they look at, touch, pause, circle, etc. It doesn't matter if this is a very familiar space, to most children it will still be a journey. Most children will still treat this walk with open curiosity.

So, I challenge you to walk from your front door to your back door or around your studio and look at your path the same way as a child. I want you to carry a little notebook and jot down what you are looking at, smelling, tasting, rubbing or shaking. If you have a camera take it along and photo log your journey.

We see but we don't see. Your eyes and mind take in what is the same and dismiss it as you move on by. You are trying to break that cycle of seeing.

Believe it or not it takes practice to STOP this dismissive process. We are always on the go, getting from one place to another, we train ourselves not to see so that we aren't distracted from where we are headed. How many times have you walked by a room or scene and stopped because something registered in your brain that something wasn't right with this picture?

It happens. Then we may go back and study on what's different. If you have animals in your house you may often being doing this. This challenge for this week is to walk that path daily from point A to point B where ever you decide to walk and really LOOK at what is on that path. See that journey with child's eyes.

"...the child treats the situation with the open curiosity and attention that it deserves. The child is quite right." Corita


  1. Hi Bea,
    As soon as I read "through a child's eye" - I was hooked. My partner often comments that that is how I look at things. I often judge success in any given day by how much I have laughed. To me, it's the key to success.

    I'm a fan Bea - thanks for your words/thoughts/wisdom.


  2. Oooooh a laugh a day keeps the soul smiling. If I can't create something I have to laugh. Of course, I'm easily amused so we'll get along just great!!
    Thanks for stopping by and don't forget that chocolate is always appreciated. :)Bea