Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thing Finder

"What are we going to do now?" asked Tommy.
"I don't know what you are going to do," said Pippi, "but I know I can't lie around and be lazy. I am a Thing-finder, and when you're a Thing-finder you don't have a minute to spare."
"What did you say you are?" asked Annika.
"A Thing-finder."
"What's that?" asked Tommy.
"Somebody who hunts for things, naturally. What else could it be?" said Pippi.
"The whole world is full of things and somebody has to look for them. And that's just what a Thing-finder does," she finished.
"What kind of thing?" asked Annika.
"O, all kinds," said Pippi. "Lumps of gold, ostrich feathers, dead rats, candy snapcrackers, and tiny little screws, and things like that."
Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren
I'm a Thing-Finder. Heck I bet all mixed media and fiber artists are Thing-Finders. We have baskets and boxes of THINGS we have stored, stuff and saved for the perfect project.
I'm in the garage studio sorting boxes of THINGS. I remember when we moved from the old house, my middle son and husband glared at me as they came down the steps from my old studio, carrying box after box of THINGS. My husband claimed I was trying to kill him off carrying my THINGS. And, those "beloved" things have ended up in the garage. Let's see for the past seven years. sigh.............. Like the cells of my body that change every seven years I need to change what I do with my THINGS.
I am making a promise to myself to USE up what I have, GIVE away what I won't ever use and remind myself that I will always find new THINGS.
I collect.
I am filling a huge plastic tub with items that will get used in art work this year or off it goes. I will not give up my creativity just to preserve something. I read once, somewhere that this behavior of saving stuff is rooted in fear. I may not find the exact item again but I'll find something else that will interest me. I may not make or use that item like I had originally planned but I will play with it and find a new use for it.
I will not waste a creative opportunity because I am fearful that I won't find another THING like that. I'm to old to do this to myself.
How about you? Are you hanging on to any STUFF, waiting for that perfect project? Got any pictures you can post, at your blog of your favorite THINGS/STUFF that you have been hanging on to? If so, let us know, in the comment section. We'll go take a look at your STUFF and see if it's like our STUFF. Because we're silly, that's why.

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  1. I knew it! I'm a THING FINDER too! LOL! I'll have to look for those things so I can blog about them. LOL! Thanks for giving me something to blog about, Bea!