Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some issues with the animals.

From top to bottom: We've had some problems with Murphy climbing up to the shelf where we feed the cats. Yesterday, I caught him eating their cat food. He was quite pleased with himself for figuring out how to get up to that shelf. So, I cleaned off everything and moved the food UP a shelf.
Then we had to find a stool for Cleo (the nine year old cat) to get up on so she could get to the new shelf. Louie has no problem jumping that high but Cleo was quite put out about the empty food shelf and the whole new arrangement.
We came down stairs this morning to find Murphy camped out on the old shelf, waiting. I guess he figures the food has to show up sometime.
Second photo down: In the studio, Murphy finds that sitting or sleeping under the tables that I am working at is the best place to be. Most of the time he would like to be on my lap. Like that's going to happen.
And the last photo is Cleo totally removed from my cleaning up of the broken vase. Not her problem. Stupid place to put a vase. Even when I got the shop vac out to get up any glass pieces I couldn't see she never moved. Never looked in my direction. Totally oblivious.

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  1. First of all, HALLELUIA she has some sun! LOL! I'm so happy for you! I was starting to feel guilty each time I'd leave your snow storms only to look out my window and see sunshine and blooming roses!
    I enjoyed reading and seeing your pictures. You're very lucky to be surrounded by so much nature. Were your children raised there as well?
    Hope the sun continues to shine upon you and watch where you put your vases. LOL!
    P.S. nice baby quilt btw. Love the colors. Not your typical baby pink/blue/yellow/mint.