Thursday, March 05, 2009


Today seemed to be a good day to take some pictures of shadows while I was out and about.
Got to love all those glass buildings around town.
I just liked the pink tinge,the grid and the gorgeous shaped tree reflected in the glass.


  1. I like the pink tinge too, Bea. The trees make a great background shadow too. You have a good eye for snapping photos.
    How is your "child" doing? ;)

  2. I was doing the "tour" of the front guest room and my inner child said, "This is nice but boring." We went downstairs to find a little bear to put up on the bed.
    I remembered, when John and I were in San Francisco, many years ago we stayed at this little Inn. They had bears on the beds. Every day when we came back to the room the maid had arranged the bear in a different way. Just cracked me up. John bought me the bear to bring home.
    It seemed like the perfect bear to put on the guest room bed.