Thursday, March 05, 2009

A new goodie!

I do love to wander around the hardware store. Look what I found and no, John, it's not my Mother's Day present. It's a wonderful carryall a lot cheaper than the pretty green and pink ones in the scrapbook and craft stores.
Yes, it's butt ugly in gray and brown but that's what spray paint is for. Picture it in purple and pink or red and yellow. Lots of spray paint out there and lots of colors.
Anyway, it's about 14" tall with a nice sturdy handle.
It has a top tray that is nice and deep. It doesn't lift out but I can live with that.
When you open the front of the case it has slots for four, big individually removable cases for storage. I know scrapbook people can use this for their embellishments, I know I can for everything else that I seem to need to store in and around the studio. Did I say it was CHEAPER than the fancy ones in the craft stores?
Actually, the manly colors of gray and brown don't bother me that much that I feel I need to run to the workshop and grab the spray paint. It's made by Plano and if I wanted for a mere $2.50 I can complete a form and send it in and get my OWN NAMEPLATE for the front of it. Such a bargain.
Also, Office Supply has a collapsible Large crate on wheels with a handle.
I have two of them that have the small boxy shape crate, they collapse for storage and they are great for hauling my supplies to workshops. This one, at Office Supply is about 12"x12" but the sides go up much farther so if you had a lot of containers that you needed to stack you could get quite a few of them in it. I think the price, on sale, was $14.00? Now quite sure but it's close.
I didn't get one but I did have a nice discussion with this nice lady about the pro's and con's of getting it. She had a lot of scrapbook supplies that she took to classes and she felt it was going to be just what she needed.

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