Sunday, March 15, 2009

Puzzle Mania

It's very irritating when Blogger uploads turns your photo sideways. It's not that way in my files. I've tried several times to turn it around but there isn't anything on this end to stop Blogger from acting up.
So, sorry dear readers, you must rotate your heads to the left to see the picture.
This is the puzzle that John and I just finished doing, in record time, I think.
I really enjoyed the color and amount of details in this Jane Wooster Scott puzzle. Unfortunately, six pieces were missing and one additional piece that didn't go to the puzzle was included.
And, yes, I checked the floor, under the chairs, in the box, in the cat's mouth and they just are missing. We have a pretty good routine down when we work on a puzzle and we've done four this winter and haven't had a problem.
I sent an email to the company. We'll see what they have to say. This puzzle wasn't cheap. Almost $15.00!!!!! I would love to do it again in a year or two when we've forgotten it but I would like all the pieces in the box.

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