Wednesday, March 04, 2009

It's going to be getting warmer!!!

You know how we were talking about walking through a room and not seeing? The same thing applies to the outside, or your walk to work, or ride to work or play. We are in a hurry to get there, or we are thinking about what else we have to do or what didn't get done. I bet you have driven somewhere sometime and didn't really even remember how you got there. There was a part of your brain just doing the job you assigned it. And, you were probably lucky because although it was focused on the task it isn't observant to details that might cause you a problem, like a deer about to cross the road.
I was sitting at my computer, this morning, having my coffee and staring out the window, pretty much normal routine. When I could HEAR my mind register, SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THE PICTURE.
I blinked, focused and yes there was something new in my view. Can you see them? I keep my camera in my pocket these days. I just snapped the picture from my desk.
I suspect this is the family that grew up here last year. The two babies were a riot to watch as they splashed around in the pond. I remember the first time the mother brought them, out of the woods and down to the pond. She stood, tall, in the middle of the pond, next to that post and just watched the surroundings while the babies explored the new world of water.
These three have been around all winter. I'll have to remember to get Murphy a tick collar. It's the down side to having deer browsing in your yard.
I'm continuing on my WALK WITH A CHILD'S EYES today. If you are doing the challenge be sure to let me know if you have posted any pictures in your blog. I would love to see them. I love the fact that Linda put hers into journal pages.
The weather forecast is for the temperatures to FINALLY climb up out of the teens and single digits to the 40's around here. That gets people in Wisconsin very excited. We tend to run errands without our coats on. We're tough, grunt, grunt, grunt and we have a goodly layer of body fat to keep us warm.
I have to say I am soooooooooooooo ready to see some color outside. I'm looking out the window and darn if I can't see some yellow/green on the top of my little Willow tree. YAYAYAYAYAY All good things.
So, campers, take a hike today, inside or out. Grab your camera or your journal or even a little notebook and see with your Child's Eye. Really, really look around you. And, tell me about it. I would love to hear, truly, I would.

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