Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's 53 and yet they tell us 3-6" of snow for Sat.

Murphy and I stood at the garden gate staring into the garden. It's full of dead plants, old stakes, broken pinwheels and looks ever so neglected. The garden lady on TV and in my quilting Internet group of friends tell me NOT to disturb the soil yet. It's too soon.
Murphy and I sigh. He wants to dig for his own reasons and I want to dig to feel the soil in my hands. It's very frustrating, especially on a nice day.
The clouds are rolling in and rain is in the future. Heck, by Saturday they say we will get snow. It won't last and it's not welcome anymore.
On the day that I took my dear friend for lunch and antique shopping for her birthday gift we stopped at this resale shop called the Pink Poodle.
This was just one of waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than I could count pink poodles scattered around the store. It makes you stop and think why would anybody collect so many. Did she dream of opening a store when she grew up? Where on earth did she find so many of them? And, as my friend asked me, "Why are you taking a picture of it?" Some things just need to be shared, you know?
Murphy got another good report card from puppy day care. Apparently, he's quite social and plays well with others. He's not aggressive and is interested in what everybody is doing.
Frankly, that sounds a lot like the notes sent home by my grade school teachers to my mother, about me. The social part really seemed to bother them. I feel a little sorry for home schooled kids. Who do they giggle with? Who do they pass notes to? Whose hand do they hold when they go outside for recess? My best friend, Peggy, a red-haired, freckled face kid did all of those things with me. And, we often spent part of the day separated from each other, on opposite sides of the room, in order to get our work done.
Which is why we developed a very intricate sign language. You can't stop a social kid. You could tape my mouth closed and I bet I could communicate something to you with my eyebrows!


  1. Anonymous6:49 PM

    How odd. When I was a kid, 8 or 9 years old, our babysitter gave me a "sculpture" of a pink poodle. It was made out of yarn, old toilet paper rolls and coat hangers. They got real creative with the pompoms.

    I thought it was pretty ugly and very useless (you can't cuddle up to toilet paper rolls and coat hangers), but Betsy made a point of tellimg me that it was fragile. So I had it in my room with a little card propped up near it "Do Not Touch." LOL. Like anyone else would come near it.


  2. LOLOL I love the little sign, DO NOT TOUCH. lolololsnort That cracked me up. Now, that you mention it I seem to remember animals or dogs made out of stuff like that. If I come across one at an antique store, would you like me to get you one? Just for old times sake? snort :)Bea

  3. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Ummmm, no thanks. But I doubt many of these survived...not enough little girls with "Do Not Touch" signs in their bedrooms.