Monday, March 02, 2009

Is your battery low?

March is coming in like a LION all over the place. We didn't get the snow that the East coast did and some of the South. We do have single digit numbers for the temperature. That has me worrying about the Bluebirds and other birds that arrived up here, last week.

They are going to have to find food to eat to maintain their energy. My feeders are full. I cut up some apples and put them out in the garden girl pots. You've seen her in some pictures. She looks like the statue from the Garden of Good and Evil, or so I am told. She was an anniversary present to me from my husband. We named her Helga.

So, campers, it's day one of the Challenge issued yesterday. Found your child? Found a notebook? Camera? Your glasses? Well, I took the walk this morning and JUDGEMENTAL ADULT was riding on my shoulders the whole time..........How could you let this junk pile up here?When are you going to wash this floor?Look at the dust on that piano?Why do you have a piano if you aren't going to play it?This plant is dying do you think you could take some time away from your little games and water the poor thing?

I grabbed my favorite coffee mug, "THE QUEEN OF JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING" given to me by a dear friend and escaped down to the computer. I decided to let JUDGEMENTAL ADULT deal with the problems on the rest of that walk. Seriously, JA has a point. So does the child. The child doesn't know that the floor needs to be washed or the piano dusted. Those are just opportunities to write or draw pictures in the dust. JA probably doesn't even realize why the point is important.

If your space is cluttered, messy, dirty, disorganized it's creating, yes IT IS creating a negative energy. Kinda like that tree falling in the forest. Can you hear it fall?Well,you might not take notice of the mess when you walk through the area at least your conscious mind isn't but trust me your subconscious mind is and under the sounds of your Ipod earphones, the tapes are playing and the tapes of JA eat at our energy. They zap it, they suck it right out of us. Oh, and that tree, well it fell and just because you couldn't hear it the fall it created an energy wave of sound, light and probably something else that some scientist could tell you about.

If you did your walk with child's eyes and the everything was just easey peasey, GREAT.

If you did the walk and found yourself getting lost looking at stuff you didn't even remember owning, even GREATER.

If you did the walk and you abandoned the challenge and are hiding in the computer area like a little sissy girl, like me, well pour yourself a cup of coffee and let's talk about this.

JA has a point. I think you have to get to age 60 or above to be able to smile when you say that, maybe not. lol Ok, some of what I am going to say now is based on my belief system and that comes from years of reading lots of New Age books on energy systems and creativity. Take it or leave it.

BELIEF: Every space that I am responsible for is my creative space. The energy that I create in that space should be positive for me. It should support me, give me pleasure, joy, make me feel FREE to continue to create.

BELIEF: If one of my spaces is neglected, uncared for, unloved, full of things that pull energy from me it is hindering my creative force.

Because every time I look, whether conscious or unconsciously at that space and a tape is played in my mind I have a physical reaction mostly of a negative nature to that tape. That physical reaction can be as simple as feeling a loss of energy. It can effect my mental or emotional state.

Organizational gurus will tell you that everything in your space should be something that gives you pleasure and that you enjoy looking at. Unfinished projects, photos of people that have hurt you, dead leaves from your plant are not positive things. Walking through that space the fullness of the plant or the bright bloom of it's flower should (yes, there's a should there) make you smile, give you joy. If you can't take care of the plant why keep it around? To remind yourself that you are too busy to take care of a living thing? That you have way to many living things that you are responsible for? Give it to a friend, ask first, please, leaving it on their doorstep isn't nice. Photo's of people that you no longer are in touch with? Call them, email them, write them or put the photo away. Are you getting the picture here?

Start at the door. You had to start there for the Challenge, remember, turn to your right and walk slowly around the room. LOOK AT EVERYTHING. WAIT, quick, go get a box or a bag and come right back here..........I'll wait...............I'm still here......................good now if you see anything that doesn't make you smile, let's put it in the box.

I understand that piece of furniture doesn't make you smile. How about we just make a note in the notebook about replacing it. What would you like to see in that space? Be reasonable, Johnny Depp in person may not be realistic.

After you make the round of the room take the box far, far away from that room. Take it to your new sorting spot. Like the frame, take the picture out, toss the picture. Can't physically toss the picture, go over to your computer and scan it in and put it in a folder. NOW TOSS THE PICTURE. Trust me, you still have it somewhere in your picture file. You don't need to make a special box for it and store it. Are you getting the idea here?

By the end of the week and doing the Challenge and the CLEARING OUR SPACE OF NEGATIVE ENERGY Sub-challenge that first room is going to be just buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing with positive energy. Heck, I'll probably never even get you to move into the next space.

Please don't think of this as work. Think of this as a way of recharging your creative energy. Like your camera battery the light is red right now, do the exercise and let's get it green again. Do 15 minutes a day if that's all the time you have. Set the box down where you stop and begin again at another time. Hopefully within this week. Give away what you no longer love or like because trust me somebody else is going to LOVE finding it in the bargain or charity store. It will probably be me.

My coffee mug is empty. The Queen of Everything is now going to go upstairs and begin once again, with her box and big wide eyes and see what happens. You know I'm going to share it with you. Share with me, please.

I would LOVE to know how you are doing with the Challenge and the Sub-challenge and even if you just wandered outside to look for the tree that fell. It's good.

Here's my walkthrough, this morning:


  1. BEA! I was too pooped yesterday to post on my blog and show my "eye's through a child" pics. I'm working on that now. Sometimes it takes me a while to get it right when I'm blogging! Thanks for the suggestion! I'm having fun with this and you'll get to see why. I'm not finished with this. I want to keep it going for at least another week. Or two. LOL! See what you did to me!

  2. Uh, Bea, I started at my parent's back door and out into the yard cause I thought that would be easier for me to do with the challenge. I'll do the challenge with my house outside too. Isn't that where kids like to hang out anyway? Or do I have the "child's eyes" thing all wrong? LOL!

  3. OK, I keep commenting! I just walked through your house and you've got some cool stuff! I was using my "artists eyes" for the walk and I loved every moment! Thanks for sharing.

  4. You made me laugh. I'm glad you are having fun with this challenge. That's what it's all about really, seeing the world through a child's eyes OR just SEEING.
    Did you journal any of your thoughts or feelings as you were walking through your parent's home?
    I bet it brought back a lot of memories.
    Well, not to worry, this challenge and the SUB-CHALLENGE should keep most of us busy for the month of March!!
    I have some other ideas for the upcoming weeks of March. :)Bea