Friday, March 27, 2009

Interesting Link

This photo, in the antique store intrigued me. It when I first glanced at it I thought the furs around her neck were her hair, long, fussy and wild looking. Kinda like the dog. Then I cleaned my glasses and got a better look.
BTW, here's a link you might enjoy:
I rather like the idea of eating the frog first. It's what my mother always said to do but not in those words or with such a cute video.
This morning I ate the frog and balanced my checkbook, washed the kitchen floor, did laundry, folded it and put it away. HEY, that's a lot of frog stuff!
I walked by the studio a number of times but I promised myself that I would work in there tomorrow while it was SNOWING.
My daughter and I had dinner together the other night and had dessert first. That ended up to be all we could eat. There are times when all you really want or need is a hot fudge Sunday, you know?
I have finished the three little wall hangings for Mary's baby's room.
I decided to do a lot of thread painting on them and then use the buttonhole stitch to finish off the edges.
I'll post some pictures later when I get back upstairs.
Hope you are doing something creative or at least thinking about working on something this weekend. :)Bea

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