Thursday, March 12, 2009

I love this poster.

I had coffee this morning in a little coffee shop downtown. All their products and things that they sell, in the little shop, are Fair Trade Items.
They also display work by local artists. I saw some beautiful things.
After I came home I felt so scattered. I saw things that I wanted to finish, things I wanted to start, read, learn. There just seems like so much and it's all exciting. I honestly don't know how anybody could ever say they were bored, in life.
Before I drove home from the coffee shop I took a different road. Still working on my one thing a day out of my comfort zone. I dropped off something at a store and the guy at the counter asked me why I was holding my side. I told him I thought I had cracked a rib or torn something from coughing. He told me that the same thing had happened to him and that it didn't show up until he got off the plane for his golf holiday. He couldn't golf. He couldn't even pick up his luggage. He told me that the only thing the doctor had suggested was to warm up the muscle in the area and then do gentle stretching and exercise that would move the muscle around the injury. I stored that information away and thanked him.
I got back in the car and drove down another new street and found a policeman sitting in his car by the side of the road. I stopped and asked him where I would find the infamous covered bridge of Verona. He laughed and gave me directions. Then I asked him, "Are you really eating a donut?" He laughed again and said, "Yep, two of them, in fact. It helps me catch the bad guys."
I filed that information away.
I found the covered bridge. It is pretty. How amazing to find a little covered bridge in my home town.


  1. Oh Bea, that is a beautiful bridge. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your corner.
    I've also been enjoying the tutorials you have at the bottom of your blog. You've got some good ones!
    Thanks again,

  2. Thanks! I just type in a theme and Youtube finds me four. Unfortunately, the four are linked together somehow and I can't get rid of just one and replace it with another. So, I'm lucky when I get four really good ones.
    Thanks for stopping by. :)Bea