Sunday, March 22, 2009

Guardian Door for Mary's baby.

I was going to call this the Mother's Door but then I realized that some of the beautiful lace that I had used had been given to me by women that hadn't had children. I wanted it to speak of all the women, that had shared something of their lives with these bits and pieces of lace.
I make art dolls and crazy quilts and women have shared their lace with me.
Under the flower arch in the center I will attach a picture of my new grandchild when she is born and I will stitch in her name and date of birth, at that time.
I still have a lot of hand work to do. I want to attach little seed beads and some antique mother of pearl buttons. And, attach the closure for the doors.
It's very shabby chic in nature and it was a lot of fun to do. I'm pleased with how it has turned out so far. It will need a sturdy backing put on for hanging it on the wall.
I'll do some hand embroidery to the bottom of the opening where you can see it gaping against the green fringe.
There is part of my wedding gown lace on it and some lace from a little baby dress of my mother's. Both my great aunt and grandmother have donated pieces of lace from pillow cases and hankies.
I think I will add some touches of ink to give it a little more of an aged look.
It's fun to play with.


  1. Bea, this is beautiful. The laces "aged" perfectly. I love the embroidered piece behind the lace. Did you mount everything on book board? Are you planning on making a book for Mary's Baby with this being the cover? Or is this a picture frame? I know I'm full of questions. That's what happens when you're a visual person and have to pick up everything to understand how it works. sigh. I'm still waiting for that mocha icing recipe. LOL!
    (who seems a little impatient today due to cloudy skies, cold wind and a possibility of more rain!!!!!!!!!!! It's SPRING for crying out loud!)

  2. First of all thank you. I haven't mounted it on anything yet. It will probably be something like book board.
    It's not a book. It's to hang on the wall. It's really just an independent piece of artwork. If you could pick it up you would love how it feels. There is so much lace on it that it has weight. And, it's soft and sloppy, oh wait, shabby chic. lololol
    I love the idea of doing individual doors. Kinda like shrines, in a way, you know? :)Bea

  3. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Hand work???? EeeeeeK!


  4. LOL Well, we'll see how my fingers are doing if there is a little or a lot of hand work. :)Bea