Thursday, March 05, 2009

Good Thursday morning to you!

First of all, welcome to Trudi and Judi who have added their SHADOW pictures to the followers section. Reminds me of Hitchcock, don't know why.

Also, a special thanks to Laura Wasilowski for posting a comment to the fusing post. She does tell us WHY we are supposed to turn the fabric glue side up.

By the way, those tips were the ones that I needed to hear and maybe somebody else out there in Internet land. There are a lot more tips on her DVD. And, this brings me back full circle to a much earlier post when I suggested that if times were tough in your house and going to a workshop was not in your budget that taking advantage of these wonderful DVDs done by talented artists are worth the money. Everyone I own has a project that you can work on with the instructor. You do it at your own pace, in your pjs or not.

And, yes it would be wonderful, absolutely wonderful to go to a workshop and participate in the energy and excitement of that experience but some people aren't going to be able to do that and honestly these DVDs are the next best thing. Laura's is put out by C & T Publishing and they offer some others too. I'll let you do the google search for them.

Enough said, thanks again Laura for stopping by.

Ok, a quick check on how we are doing with the Challenge: Through a Child's Eyes. Harder than you thought? Frustrating? Easey Peasey? Please leave your thoughts and comments about this challenge.

I'm just about finished with the front room. Today is a cloudy day so I think I will take advantage of it and clean the inside of my windows. There seems to be a lot of cat nose prints on them. Letting in the light is important, cleaning the area is important. True these aren't child's interests but we are also trying to create positive energy in this space. Remember, on our walk we are also LOOKING at everything and removing anything that creates a negative energy in our space. Our child should be able to get lost in this space, having fun with Judgemental Adult off somewhere else.

Since I'm pleased with what I have in my front room space and it's clean I'm going to do my own final touch to the room. You might find this fun too. One of my favorite "play" books is Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life.

It's by Karen Carter and it uses Feng Shui to create specific energy movement in your space.

I'm not an expert and I'm not interested in being one but I've checked her chapter on this space. She divides your house into basically a nine patch or nine baguas.

There is way to much information for me to even begin to explain it to you but my front room actually falls in the middle of the first row of the nine patch, the CAREER room.

She makes suggestions for items, colors, sounds, etc. that you can bring into each different area to promote healthy and positive energy flow.

For my room I made a list and am checking it off. Career room needs water or things that represent water. White is associated with water and my walls are white. I need black in the room and one of the bookcases is a black metal shelving unit which is nice because I also need metal in that room.

Glass is another and I've got that covered and round items, well the drums sure help out there. She says the symbols that you have in the room represent the life path you want to be on.

Well, if you took my photo tour you can see that my space is filled with artwork. I didn't take a picture of it but my easel is also in that room.

At the back of the house is a very important room, it's your North corner of the house. It's the Prosperity area. For me that's my kitchen. I've been following her suggestions for years, for fun and because part of me wants to believe and the Pennsylvania Dutch part of me says, Do it and lose not.
If you look at the two top pictures you will see what I keep in the north corner of my kitchen. A penny piggy bank, a turtle, something purple and it is all nice and clean. It's not obvious to anyone because I keep my bright beautiful flowers in front of it all. Downstairs in the back bedroom that is also in the north corner I keep a teddybear on the bed with a big purple bow around his neck. Prosperity is working so far. And, yes I know that's because I have a hard working husband that I keep happy with lots of vitamins and good food but I think the purple bow and the penny pig help too. I really do. :)

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