Monday, March 09, 2009

Good Morning Monday

I am convinced that this is the LAST of winter we will see. When I took Murphy outside this morning, in my shorts and flip flops I could hear the geese in the air, the ice dripping and the snow melting. I thought I should get some last of winter shots while Murphy took care of his ablutions.
Some new books arrived from Amazon this weekend. I'll comment on them at the Dog In The Hole Studio Book Talk blog. It's over there on the right, if you are interested.
I'll be working today on this week's Challenge - Sitting quietly for 15 minutes and observing what I see. It's a nice sunny day, maybe I'll find a nice spot with lots of interesting shadows to watch.
I have my swap items to finish up. They aren't due until April and May but I know as the warmer weather gets here I'm going to have less and less time for projects like that.
I hope you have a wonderful day looking through your child eyes and taking at least a 15 minute break to just sit, quietly and study on a space or object. Your soul is smiling when you try. :)Bea

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