Friday, March 06, 2009

Friday, Friday, Friday

Normally, Friday's are pretty much like every other day, for me. Today, I had a really pleasant surprise. I was shopping in my favorite quilt store, Stitcher's Crossing, playing with the fabric, asking the wonderful clerks there to help me pick out 10 different batiks.
I signed up for a Quilt University class and I thought I would get my fabrics early. After looking at three or four beautiful batiks, my eyes glaze over and I start thinking about coffee or food. So, they helped pick out the fabric.
Ok, I'm lazy, I admit it but they do such a good job.
So, I'm joking around with Sharon, the owner, who I often don't get to see because she's so darn busy. She shows me this big push button a friend gave her. It's a lot like the Easy Button that you see on those TV ads? Well, this is a Stress Button and when you push it dance music starts to play. VERY COOL. I love her button.
There is a Landscape class going on in the shop. I thought I would peek in and see some of the work that was being done. I'm looking at the walls and the works in progress when my eyes travel down to one of the's one of my best friends from my online quilting group! lol I didn't know she was even going to be here. She traveled up from Milwaukee with another friend to take the class.
I got so excited to see her. I raced home woke Murphy up from his nap, brushed his hair/fur and snapped his collar on and we raced back to the shop. Murphy got to meet and greet with the staff and Sharon and of course give kisses to my friend, Sy.
Murphy then stayed in the car while we all had lunch. What an unexpected and wonderful treat for a Friday.
There is also a photo of my most recent banner completed today. This one is to celebrate when my daughter and I went for her ultra sound and found out she is having a little girl. This is from the week of February 2nd!
And, there is also a sunset picture from the other night. The sky was such a wonderful shade of yellow. I love to use yellow skies in some of my art work. It makes me smile. Hope you had a wonderful Friday. :)Bea


  1. Oh Bea, I love the colors of the batik fabric. They are so soothing yet exciting. Heck, anything with color is exciting to me. LOL! Did I just write "heck?" I must be tired. LOL! What a great story that was to read too about running into your online friend. See how the universe pulls us together?
    Have a piece-ful night. LOL! I couldn't resist!

  2. You know what is funny about that trip to the fabric store was I had just been there the day before! I probably stop in every other month and that's it. I NEVER go back the next day unless I left something like my glasses or wallet or credit card. lol So, I was really surprised when I had this really STRONG pull to go back again. I felt like I had forgotten to pick up something. I'm not taking that Quilt University class until the end of the month so I certainly had plenty of time to go and pick up the fabric. It just seemed like a good excuse to go back when I really didn't know why I HAD to go back.
    I had even fingered a fat quarter that had my friend's nickname printed on it, before I decided to peek in the classroom and see what they were working on.
    I love it when stuff like that happens and I love that I got to see my friend. She's only two hours away but during winter that might as well be ten hours away. :)Bea