Wednesday, March 04, 2009

For those who fuse, you know who you are.

I just finished watching my Laura Wasilowski video. She's the Dean of the Chicago School of Fusing? I discovered the video hidden in the messy studio when I was cleaning it up.

I'm hooked on fusing but after watching this video she had some tips that I didn't know so I thought I would pass them on to anybody else that was trying fabric fusing.

First tip is to use fabric where the dye color has gone through the fabric so you can see it on the backside. If you flip over your fabric and it's a noticeable backside then when you cut out your shapes your edges are going to be white and that doesn't look so good. And, coloring the edges with your micro pens is going to be a pain PLUS they will ravel.

Tip Two was to let the fusing sheet cool after you have pressed it to the fabric. Don't be in a hurry to peel it off. It takes longer than you think for the glue to transfer entirely to the fabric. (I confess, this is my biggest problem)

Tip Three and this is a good one. When you are ready to cut your fused fabric, TURN YOUR CUTTING MAT UPSIDE DOWN. Apparently, when you cut through the fabric with your rotary cutter it can make pits in your mat. Mats are very expensive so turn it over. AND, remember to cut your fused fabric with the glue side up. I forget why.............there's a good reason............and when I watch it again I'll tell you why, in the meantime TRUST ME or Laura.

Last year I was working on some Storyteller art quilts. I posted some pictures of them. Well, I didn't know this information at that time and I've been unhappy with some of the fabric I used because it's starting to ravel along the edges. Also, I replaced my cutting mat because I thought it was getting old. Well, now I know and so do you so happy fusing!!


  1. Hi Bea,
    Thank you for watching my DVD!
    The reason you place the fabric glue side up on the mat when cutting is so it doesn't tack to the mat and fray the fabric when you lift it off the mat.
    Happy fusing! and Press on!

  2. OH NOoooooooo called out by the Dean. I'm in trouble now. lolol
    THANK YOU LAURA for taking the time to post and give us the reason. It is a very good reason. Boy, the things that I have done to my expensive mats. sigh....
    I have your book, that and the DVD inspire me to PRESS ON and ON and ON!
    Now, about those extra credits from the college? :)Bea