Monday, March 30, 2009

Flapper head stands

I love these ladies! They are papier-mache flapper hat stands. They are from the book, Big-Ass Book of Crafts. This is a fun book. It's worth taking a look at when you are in the book store.
I'm seriously thinking of making a bunch of these heads. I have a wonderful mask collection. The carnival type masks that just cover the eyes? I would love to have a row of these ladies on top of the bookshelves in the new studio, wearing their Carnival masks.
The directions for these are on page 287 of the book. Basically, if you have your own favorite papier-mache mush recipe, some balloons, you can get this craft done.
I love their different hair styles where bangs would be. I think I would indulge and color their hair different colors, maybe to match their exotic masks?

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