Monday, March 09, 2009

Finished and ready to mail off to Susie!

The banners are 3" across at the top and from the top to the point, 5".
The Garden banners have one inch pieces of bright colorful fabric sewn onto stiff interfacing so it looks like petals or fishscales.
The Inspiration Banners are done the same way with fabric cut and sewn onto stiff interfacing. I inserted ties in each banner before I sewed around the edges. The Garden banners have hand dyed silk ties.
I used a printable fabric sheet for the Inspiration quote and ironed it onto the front of the banner. After I cut it out using my wavy blade in my rotary cutter. I am having waaaaaaaaaaaaay to much fun with that wavy blade!!
I made two fabric postcards for the hostess, Susie. I'll mail those off today. They just let her know that the packages are in the mail. She can use the fabric postcards for bookmarks, if she wants. :)Bea

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