Sunday, March 15, 2009

The baby quilt for the new grandbaby!

I'm calling it My Little Butterfly except in Spanish. This is just the top. I finished it by lunch time after a rough start to the morning.
I came into the studio to see that last night I had sewn some pieces in the wrong order. I spent a good deal of time ripping out seams.
In the middle of this activity, Cleo decided that she wanted to sit on TOP of the wicker end table instead of below it like she has done for over a year.
In the process of getting herself settled her butt pushed off my glass vase of silk roses onto the tile floor and of course, it shattered.
I had to clean that up while keeping nosey puppies and cats from walking in any glass.
Once back to the studio I decided to include some Seminole work in the quilt, in honor of my Native American heritage.
The butterflies are fused on and I'll be going around them with variegated thread to make sure they stay anchored.
John says the whole thing has a Frida look to it. Since he knows I love Frida, I guess that was a good thing to say.
While I was working on the quilt top he yelled up for me to quick get outside. We saw two Blue Herons returning from where ever they had been for the winter.
Later, he yelled up from outside for me to come out again. I was a little to slow getting outside and missed the rest of the flock, about 30 Blue Herons, flying in formation overhead. They have such a distinctive call and shape when they fly. It's good to have them back home again.
I plan to give Mary the baby quilt at the baby shower in May. I think she'll be surprised. It's a good sized crib quilt but she might decide to hang it in the baby's room for color. It's hard when you rent and you can't paint the walls the colors you would like.


  1. Great baby the "flying" butterflies :)

  2. Awwwwwwww thanks! It's a good one to be washed over and over and laid on the floor for the baby to lie on, you know? Or, she can hand it on the wall so the baby has something bright to look at. Thanks for stopping by! :)Bea