Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another picture from the antique shop.

I don't care if this was reproduced or if it's the original distressing. I LOVE it. It was the door to what looked to be an old cabinet, in the antique store. Of course, most of the items weren't really antiques but things from the 1930's and up. My friend and I walked around saying, "Oh, remember when Grandma had THIS in her kitchen or living room or wore this to church." We giggled about how old we must sound.
I've suggested to my husband that we replace the hollow core doors on our bedrooms with solid oak. He's quite in favor of that idea. Unfortunately, I want to distress them and paint them and make them look old, old, old.
This the poor man does NOT understand. He is a man who loves wood. He wants to restore something that he thinks has been neglected and lovingly sand it and stain it and make it look like new. I want to take a heavy iron chain to it and bang the heck out of it. And, yet he lets me live.
I have taken Murphy outside three times now for walks with his new Retractable cord leash. He's not impressed with it and seems to have no interest wandering farther than his old leash would allow. We have gotten a lot of exercise but still he thinks the front room is a safe place for his business. This is not a good thing. We've had a long talk about it.
He looks at me with these big brown pools for eyes and nods his head. He understands my frustration. He will mend his ways, absolutely, yes, no problem, I LOVE YOU, let's play.
I have been working on my "cabinet" door piece. I've been thinking a lot about small little cabinets since I read 100 Cabinets On The Wall. I had also watched the Quilting Arts DVD by Ruth Rae on Soulful Doors. All of which have been just having a fine time with my MUSE.
I cut some 12" squares of soft wool batting. Two pieces of it make the door and backing. I was coffee dyeing pieces of lace and ribbon. I just checked on them and they really took to the dye bath well. The only problem is that some of the pieces were donated to me by a smoker. I'm trying to get rid of the smell now by another soaking in some laundry soap.
I checked on the stiffened piece of muslin I did this morning and although it's still wet I'm not see it particularly stiff. It will do for my purposes but I think if I wanted it really stiff I would use liquid starch to get the job done.
I plan to use my stamps on the muslin. I'll be tearing off pieces of it and I want it stamped. I'm pretty sure I can find my Ink pads in the studio.
I'll take pictures of all of this when I actually get it done.
I did do some machine embroidery on the inside of the piece, what you see when the doors are open. I'm pretty happy with that although I think I want to sponge on some soft colors to tone it down a little. To sew on the wool batting was really nice. I understand it takes well to paint too. We'll see.
I had dinner outside on the upper deck with Murphy and Louie. A beautiful evening. I had a nice glass of red wine and a sandwich. I do enjoy the nights that I don't have to cook a "regular" meal. This was just enough. I haven't heard anything from John so I guess he's having a ball on his golf trip to Florida. I left a message on his phone, last night, after the Wisconsin vs Florida State basketball game. We won. Nobody expected us to win. It went into overtime. IT WAS SO EXCITING. My message was simply, WOW WOW WOW WOW WHAT A GAME. I think he got the point. I'm sure he was watching it with his buddies, too.
I hope your day was creative. I hope you are looking around you with the eyes of a child. Enjoy the rest of your evening. :)Bea

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  1. Anonymous7:17 PM

    I was thinking about you last night...we watched the Siena vs. Ohio State game, and they kept interrupting it to show the Wisconsin game. Which was okay, except Siena went into DOUBLE overtime and we really wanted to see it. But I'm glad Wisconsin won, too.