Saturday, March 21, 2009

And, a very merry SPRING DAY to you!

It's cold but bright and the sun is out and hey, it's SPRING. Officially, SPRING!!! Murphy, Louie and I all went outside on the upper deck, this morning to have coffee and listen to the bird song.
I know, I'm getting older because I just wanted to soak up the sound. I wanted the memory to be so clear that next winter after a big snow storm I could HEAR those beautiful birds singing, in my mind.
After coffee we headed into the studio to find scraps of lace and some muslin. I'm soaking a large bowl of odds and ends of lace and the muslin in my coffee grounds and the second cup of coffee I didn't drink. Now, I would have preferred to use instant coffee but I think I used the last of what I had in my little emergency jar, in the freezer, on John's sister's icing for her cupcakes.
Actually, I made the cupcakes for his Mom, in the nursing home and the frosting is a mocha, absolutely delicious frosting, that uses a T. of instant coffee in the mix.
John's sister loved the cupcakes and did an excellent job of helping Mom finish them off. Mom is now enjoying as many mocha cupcakes as she wants in the great bakery, in the sky. She might be enjoying a cruller or two, too.
We also trooped, the we being Louie, Murphy and I, we seem to walk around attached to each other, down to the garage studio and found the Sobo glue and another bucket. I mixed 3 and 1/2 pints. That's 3 1/2 cups for those of you measurement challenged and two capfuls of PVA glue together in a bucket. I just whisked it all around and then dropped in my chunk of muslin. I'm probably stiffening about a yard and a half of fabric.
You have to make sure that it's well soaked, then you take it out, scrunch it up and let it just sit and dry somewhere. Mine's outside for the day. I didn't dump the water glue mixture down the drain it just didn't seem like a good idea, so I dumped it out in the garden walkway.
The coffee stained materials are for the same project as the stiffened fabric. And, you'll just have to stay in touch to see what's going to happen with those things.
I cleaned out the deep freezer yesterday. Huge chunks of ice needed to be removed from the inside of the freezer. I put my soup pot full of hot water in there and shut the lid. The only problem I had was getting to the very bottom of the deep freeze. Age, weight, belly have all made it a little more difficult to lean over that far. sigh........
I got creative.
I used the sponge mop and attached a Turkish towel with rubber bands to sop up the excess water in the bottom of the freezer. There's a plug but there was no way in h#$ I was going to be able to lean over and get down there to unplug it.
The freezer is clean, it was cold enough outside to load all the freezer stuff in the back of the car and let it sit outside until I could load it back in the freezer.
Hope you have a creative day. Talk to you later, dear reader.

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