Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I stopped by Michael's today and they had a bin outside with all these wonderful bright ribbons for sale. They are just so cheerful and spring like that I bought a bunch to use in my art journals.
When I first put the bookcase in front of the window and my sewing table I thought maybe it was a waste of the bookcase. I did need a place for the TV and fan and I am using the bottom shelving for storage of little used boxes of items. It turns out that Louie LOVES this shelf. He can look out the window and watch the birds and keep and eye on me when I am working at the sewing machine.
Today, Murphy got to go back to puppy day care and see his buddies. He hadn't been since last Monday and I could tell he wasn't impressed with my playing abilities. I just don't wrestle like Muddy and his buddies.
I picked up two clear plastic frames that stand by themselves for the bookshelves to hold the pictures of the makers of two of those bowls on the front room bookcase.
I'm not going to berate myself for taking almost seven years to do it. sigh.
I'm pleased with how the front room is looking. I think this weekend I will ask John if we can move the boxes of glass blocks out to the deck until we get to that project.
I've moved into the front guest room now. Basically, it's in good shape but I did move quite a bit of excess items from the clean up of the studio into that room. Just for a bit, you know? Well, I think the "bit" is over and it's time to move that stuff down to the sorting table.
I did get the back sides of some pendants gessoed this afternoon. Now they are ready to paint and collage. One group is for the theme, Garden, swap and the other group is for and Inspirations and Affirmations swap.
Pictures when I get them finished.
Hope your day went well and you found some time to create.

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